Intelligent Alert system for lost & found powered by next-generation QR-code technology

The Solution

Awareia offers a unique and proprietary, yet simple and effective solution to a common problem of misplacing cherished/valuable items in our busy daily lives. Our answer to lost and found is a growing network of partners like schools, businesses and agencies that will quickly identify the items left behind and easily match them with their owners via our patent-pending instant notification system. Our solution will securely alert subscribers of their found item via text message and e-mail, showing the exact location name and address, their pick-up policy and description and image of the item. All this is seamlessly accomplished without any compromise to privacy and safety.

Buy & Attach
Secure Quick Response Code® Labels

Lost Item Scanned at
Awareia Hub

Subscriber Alerted & Reunited with Found Item

Awareia Explainer Video

See how Awareia helps the local PTSA


monitoring icon

24 months of intelligent-alert monitoring

Text, email or WhatsApp1 Alerts

Alerts include item description and image

Auto-generated lost item pick-up claim code

New labels sent with subscription renewal

Washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave & freezer friendly labels



$19.99 +Tax/Shipping/Handling
  • 20 Unique SQRC® Labels Ideal for:
  • Metal, Plastic, Glass,
  • Rubber, Paper or Wood


$21.99 +Tax/Shipping/Handling
  • 20 Unique SQRC® Labels Ideal for:
  • Garment Care Tag or Branded Area on
  • Coats, Hats, Scarves, Gloves


$34.99 +Tax/Shipping/Handling
  • 40 Unique SQRC® Labels
  • 20 Multi-Purpose
  • 20 Fabric


What is in it for you?

For Subscriber

  • Personalized Text/Email alerts about lost item often before you know it is missing
  • Saves you money
  • Labels have superior bonding strength

For Awareia Hub

  • Works globally; no technology investment required
  • Includes Awareia custom app and courtesy smart device for select locations
  • Minimal effort to alert subscribers; includes built-in item pickup verification tool


  • U.S. Patent Pending Geofence-based lost and found mobile device application system
  • SQRC® powered by DENSO Corp., the inventors of QR codes
  • Alerts include: owner uploaded picture, item description and secure pickup code


  • Less items end up in landfill
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Labels are environmentally friendly

Awareia Community

As like-minded parents, consumers, students, citizens of this great planet, we are inspired to play our part to use technology to make our world a better place. If Awareia reunites you with one lost item, that could perhaps be one less item headed for the landfill. We have seen it, lost and found heaps intimidating to look at less to rummage through just to find that one lost item. Consider us on a journey of early warning alerts that will likely keep money in your pocket and less worry in your day. Like you, we have been there so our goal is to use this platform to quickly connect, inform, inspire and celebrate daily.
We are happy to have you along.

Powered by Innovation


DENSO, part of the Toyota Group, is the inventor of the ever-popular, QR Code®. By leveraging its patented, encrypted layer SQRC® technology with built-in, secure public and private action, Awareia’s subscribers are using innovation built on the base of the world’s only ISO/IEC18004 compliant 2D barcode. Add in Awareia’s ingenuity, the result is an intelligent, patent-pending, lost and found alert system that delivers an enhanced customer service experience for both subscribers and Awareia-enabled hubs.

Google Play

1WhatsApp Available 4th Quarter 2021


Text a clear picture of the attached Awareia label to 332-333-4383 or e-mail found@awareia.com – we will gladly help you return item to our subscriber.